Red Mills

XP Update for several sessions

Session 9 – 6/7/2019

The battle in Pelville.
Rest in Pieces: Igorok and B’Fai
Tinus, Varis and Rashi survived and got 1153XP each.

Session 10 – 13/7/2019

New characters: Bobby (Issac) and ISTM (Noah).

The group were sent by Lady Altea to make peace with the Blood Moon Orcs. They met the self proclaimed genius Shalzal, leader of the orcs at a tower. ISTM made a treacherous deal to deliver Lady Altea to him and the others all ran away. When they got back they told Lady Altea about it and then Varis disguised himself as the noble-lady and agreed to accompany Istm into the woods to parley with Shalzal.

The orcs ambushed the group but a patrol had followed the group in and in the battle ISTM and Shalzal were captured and returned to Red Mills to gaol.

Varis, Rashi, Bobby, ISTM and Tinus each got 950XP.

Season 2

Session 2.1 – 14/9/2019

After months rotting in gaol ISTM and Shalzal are put on trial. Things go bad and Lady Altea is about to pronounce sentence when Shalzal gets up, proclaims his genius and then yells “Get Down!” at which point the wall explodes and pandemonium erupts.

Shalzal escapes with his Blood Moon orcs, but ISTM is recaptured and since he was found guilty of his crime he is hanged from the battlements. Where his friends reluctantly rescue and revive him.

Rashi, Bobby, ISTM, Bobo, Varis and Tinue each receive 950XP.

Session 2.2 – 28/9/2019

Because of Lady Altea’s bad record of running the town a new ruler arrives, Count Thothen DeValor of Kaffle. He arrived at night with his nephew Ruben DeValor. Lady Altea and her mage Taldar are to be sent to Kaffle and Bobby is assigned to the escort. Meanwhile the Kalla have a job for the group. Something important has been left in the basement of The Bad Penny in Arlsfort, the group are “requested” to fetch it.

Bobby and the other soldiers in the escort have special instructions from the new Captain that they are not to arrive alive. But before they can murder them they are ambushed by Shalzal and his orcs in a genius plan, if he does say so himself. It all goes wrong and no one is quite sure for a while whose side in the three way split Bobby and ISTM are on. In the end soldiers are killed and Shalzal gets away with Lady Altea and Taldar.

Rashi, Bobby, Varis, ISTM, Bobo and Tinus each get 1041 XP

Session 2.3 – 12/10/2019

The group rest for a while and then encounter a blind crazy woman named Old Meg. She is following a scent no one else can smell. Tapping her stick she heads off towards Red Mills with wooden stakes sticking out of her backpack.

The group follow the trail into the hills to Shalzal’s camp. They find that he has loads of dwarven prisoners that he is using as slave labour for something. They come up with a plan to rescue Lady Altea and Taldar. It doesn’t quite work out and they release ten dwarven slaves but they do manage to free Lady Altea and a mysterious dwarf named Orten. Unfortunately Taldar remains a prisoner.The Blood Moon orcs pursue them and they flee back to Red Mills where they all hide in Chanette’s basement.

Varis, Rashi, Bobby, Bobo and Tinus each receive 1280XP.

Session 2.4 – 26/10/2019

New Character: The Rev (Noah)

ISTM decides this town is too dangerous for him and leaves. Lady Altea sneaks off to do something too. A cleric who goes by the name The Rev joins the group. They get tired of waiting in a basement. They decide to hide out in the abandoned Globe Theatre instead. But there are strange goings on. After a few encounters with swarms of bats the group discover a vampire who has made their coffin from a harp case up on the orchestra’s balcony. A bloody battle ensues and the group flee for their lives and hide out in Chanette’s basement yet again. The next morning the town watch are searching for missing people and cautiously emerging the group encounter blind Old Meg. They take her to the theatre where they manage to get her close enough to the vampire so that she can do her thing. They all survive, but only just.

Bobo, Bobby, The Rev and Tinus each get 1362 XP.

Session 2.5 – 7/12/2019

Hiding once more in Chanette’s basement the group realise the vampire threat is not over as more refugees disappeared the previous night. But they feel that they should leave town nonetheless. Emerging they notice the dwarf they rescued from Shalzal and the Blood Moon orcs packing a wagon. His name is Orten and he is heading north towards Pelville. They hitch a ride with him and hide in and under the wagon to escape detection from the town guard.

As is traditional when traveling in the area at the time, they were again ambushed by the orcs. Shalzal, the self proclaimed genius, leading the attack himself. Even when the group emerged from hiding he seemed unperturbed. The battle was long and hard and full of trickery. Eventually Shalzal was struck down and the remaining orcs fled. Silence fell, the birds in the trees stopped singing, the world had lost a genius.

Delighted, our heroes traveled on to Pelville. After an overnight stay they were surprised in the morning to find that Orten was also going north again. They had a chat with him and it turns out that he is a member of what he calls The Resistance; an organisation dedicated to overthrowing The Dragon Lords who have taken over the country to the north, called Azertina. The Dragon Lords are also plotting to invade this country and all the world. In fact the undead nercomancer Talbor, who the group defeated, was an undead Dragon Lord. A Dragon Lord is a person who has had their heart cut out and replaced with a corrupted dragon egg hatchling. The Resistance is waiting for the rightful heir to the throne of Azertina to return from across the sea. The group remembered the play the thespians had put on about all this and then they remembered the wooden crown which had become a real one. They went down into the crypt to where they laid Igorok, B’Fai and Ida to rest. But the Crown of Azertina was gone. They did however find a single large reptillian scale, copper in colour. Maybe Coop has it.

Rashi, Bobo, Varis and The Rev each received 1500XP.

Current XP Totals as of 17/1/2020

Tinus, 11060 XP, Level 5
Bobo, 10457 XP, Level 5
Varis, 9716 XP, Level 5
Rashi, 9405 XP, Level 5
The Rev, 8503 XP, Level 5

So everyone is level 5 now.


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