Welcome to The Cork Teen Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) Club website. We run Dungeon & Dragons for teenagers in Cork City.

All our Dungeon Masters are Garda Vetted before they run games with teens. They are volunteers and give their time (and sanity) for free. The venue has a small charge for use of the space, but they give store credit to the same value back, so it’s not a bad deal.

We currently run teen games every second week in Other Realms. If you wish to play with us, then you and your parent/guardian need to read and agree to the club rules below and then just get a parent/guardian to contact us through the Contact tab. A parent/guardian will have to attend for about 10 minutes the first time a new player joins. This is so we know that the teen has permission to be there and gives the parent/guardians a chance to check us out and ask any questions that they may have. These can always be asked via the Contact tab of course.

We currently have 4 teen tables running and have a waiting list. We are hoping to start more tables soon, so now is a good time to get in touch.

Parent/Guardians may be a little concerned about their teens running around dungeons chasing dragons. The game is commonly misunderstood, but there are many, many articles out there which list the benefits, just Google it. It improves math skills, problem solving, creativity, socilization and gives a real understanding of probabilities. But the most important benefit is that it encourages groups to rely on each other as a team.

We run the Teen Club through this site, because the site we use for the adult club (Meetup.com) is over 18’s. This site is a spin-off of the Cork Dungeons & Dragons Meetup, which has over 850 adult members, of which about 50 turn up to play either weekly or bi-weekly. If you are an adult and are looking for D&D in Cork, that’s the place to go.

Mike O’Regan 22/8/’22

Club Rules

  • A parent/guardian will have to come and meet us for about 10 minutes the first time your child attends. We’re sure you would want to meet us anyway and we will want to get contact details and make sure you and your child agree to our rules.
  • Parents/guardians cannot take part in the game, nor can they stay and watch. This just makes other children self conscious and is off putting. The area where we play has many nearby coffee shops where you can wait if you need to be close. You’ll only be a phone call away and if your child is too young to have a phone, or to be left in this way, then they are probably too young to attend.
  • Unfortunately for some people we need to stress that this is not a babysitting service and if there is any undesirable behaviour then we will ask them to collect their child and there won’t be a second chance.
  • We keep the content of the games very much PG-13. We expect your child to comply with this.
  • Traditionally in Dungeons and Dragons, actual current real world religions are not included in the games. But D&D has many fantasy religions, cults, deities, demons and devils. If you or your child are concerned about this, then please talk to us before your child attends.
  • No photographs, by parents or children, without expressed permission from everyone in the picture at the time.
  • Your child is expected to respect the other members of the club. Particularly in relation to gender, race, intellectual, emotional and physical abilities. There are shy members and members at various points on the autistic spectrum. Patience and kindness are expected.

Venue Rules

  • The venue charges €5 per child per session. However they also give €5 store credit with that, so it’s a pretty good deal. The Dungeon Masters (adult club members), do not receive any monies for running the game. This is strictly rental of the space from the shop in order to play.
  • No food, snacks or drinks (with the exception of water) may be brought in. Other Realms and the attached health shop (Natural Choice), sell snacks and drinks which may be bought and consumed.
  • The location is to be treated with respect and any mess (crumbs, wrappers, empty containers etc.) is to be tidied by those who create it.