Welcome to The Cork Teen Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) Club website. We run Dungeon & Dragons for teenagers in Cork city. Our Dungeon Masters must be Garda Vetted to run/play board games with teens before they can run a game.

We currently run teen games every second week in Other Realms. If you wish to play with us just get a parent/guardian to contact us through the Contact tab. A parent/guardian will have to attend for about 10 minutes the first time a new player joins. This is so we know that the teen has permission to be there and gives the parent/guardians a chance to check us out and ask any questions that they may have. These can always be asked via the Contact tab of course.

We currently have 2 teen tables running and have a waiting list. We are hoping to start a third table soon, so now is a good time to get in touch.

Parent/Guardians may be a little concerned about their teens running around dungeons chasing dragons. The game is commonly misunderstood, but there are many, many articles out there which list the benefits, just Google it. It improves math skills, problem solving, creativity, socilization and gives a real understanding of probabilities. But the most important benefit is that it encourages groups to rely on each other as a team.

We run the Teen Club through this site, because the site we use for the adult club (Meetup.com) is over 18’s. This site is a spin-off of the Cork Dungeons & Dragons Meetup, which has over 650 adult members, of which about 150 turn up to play either weekly or bi-weekly. If you are an adult and are looking for D&D in Cork, that’s the place to go.

Mike O’Regan 3/2/’20