Scraps from the table

Phaexoha Yxqemb

My entry in this year’s (2019) One Page Dungeon Contest is called “Treasure Island Map”, because I had to give it an English name for the contest. It’s really called “Phaexoha Yxqemb” which is more intriguing or off-putting depending on your brain type. It’s a bit weird but could be used to pass the time some rainy afternoon.
A series of squiggly line nonsensical words

Last year (2018) I came joint 34th with “The Pyramid Scheme”, which is a little easier to understand, but maybe not so easy for all the party to survive. One of my classic moral dilemmas really. We’ll see if I do any better this time out, somehow I doubt it, I think the judges will find this year’s one annoying at best. Since you’ve come this far, I’ll give you a hint, it’s all in how you fold the paper.

A desert tale of death and betrayal

1 thought on “Phaexoha Yxqemb”

  1. I’ve been poring over this map all evening. I can see how maybe it would be overlooked among all the other adventures in the compendium, and maybe there might not be a lot of interest at the gaming table to work it all out, but it’s a damn fine puzzle. Maybe I’ll give my players a copy at some appropriate time and see if anything ever comes of it.


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