Librarians are awesome!

So we are starting games on Saturday 2nd March in Cork City Library!

Some time ago a comedian asked for my help advertising a D&D related show. I was happy to oblige and I asked who set him up with his location. He gave me the name of a librarian. That librarian was an Arts and Culture officer who works for the county libraries. She thought D&D was a great way to get teenagers into a library but the county libraries are too far out of the city. She was however more than willing to advocate on my behalf with the city libraries. This morning I spoke to her counterpart in the city libraries and she gave me a room to play D&D in on Saturday afternoons in Cork City Library on The Grand Parade.

Librarians are awesome!

I need to be Garda Vetted again, not because I am a master criminal, but because each organisation must vet separately. There are good reasons for that and I don’t mind. That process will take a few weeks and so we agreed a start date of Saturday the 2nd of March. The room is occupied on the last Saturday of every month by a book club. But that’s okay, we have it 3 out of every 4 which is great.

So now I just need to set up some sort of booking system.

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