The Stars Are Aligning

So the quest to bring D&D to the young people of Cork (and not just restricted to us old fogies) continues.

  • The Club is registered as an “Organisation of Interest” with the Garda Vetting Bureau. But they say we’re too small!
    So we were put under the wing of the Cork Volunteer Centre (CVC), to help us through the process and very nice people they are too. Even though most of them had never heard of D&D.
  • I have been trained in the ancient art of Vetting Officer.
    Which means I can put people forward to be vetted. So I put myself forward.
  • The result was “Nil”.
    That’s the sum total of my criminal record.
    I am unwanted dead or alive or indeed undead.
    There is no reward for my capture.
    In other words I have passed Garda Vetting.

So now we can legally start to play.

Next we need a location. I have two and a possible third and here they are in order of my preference.

  1. A room in an existing business just outside the centre of the city.
    It’s big enough and the owner is very kindly letting us in for free. We just need to have some public indemnity insurance. I fund raised for that and will put the insurance in place this week. It’s “near” the city centre and is safe enough, but younger teens might need shepherding.
  2. In the Local Friendly Game Store!
    Other Realms are keen to have us and we’d have space for three or four tables.
    It’s more central, but we’d have less control on people wandering in. But I’m not sure if that’s a problem or not. But if we grew beyond that we’d have to move.
  3. One last iron in the fire, a possible city library location.
    This would be great and I’m keeping my fingers crossed. But I lost momentum on this over Christmas.

So I’m leaning towards the “business location” at least to start with and see how it goes from there. I just need to get that finalised with the owner and get the insurance in place.

So what we need is a date!!
It needs to be soon, but I also need a little time to figure out how to register players.
I can’t use (it’s over 18’s) and not sure WordPress (which powers this page) is suitable. Facebook might do it but most teens hate it. Anyway this is small potatoes, we’re here to play D&D. I’ll figure something.

The first Cork D&D Meetup session for adults was on Wed 26th Jan 2017.
So Sat 26th Jan 2019 would have been an auspicious date to begin but unfortunately WarpCon is on that weekend, so let’s say Sat 2nd Feb 2019 instead, at 14:00.

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