The Hollows

The Story

The Hollowed City

Far to the west of Avern stands the Hollowed City. The city consits of 3 districts stacked on top of each other. The highest disrict houses most of the citys poor and is run by gangs. The cental district is the main buisness district. The ruling class rule and live from there comfy estates withing the central district. The lower district known as the Downs is the largest and most populated. The majority of this district is for industrial use and the Hollowed citys factories and warehouses are all located here. A large hole is located within this district affectionatly known as “The Gap”. The area around the gap is a bustling entertainment quarter with pubs, clubs, restaurants and theaters. Spidering out from the Gap are an assortment of shops and busnesses selling everything from weapons and security to food and cookware.

G.Maxims Goods & Services

In one of the better lit allyways surrounding the Gap is GMGS run by the imposing Orc Glut Maxim. Two things occour to everyone on meeting the Orc and that is he is huge, both tall and wide, and he is wickedly clever. Gluts shop sells everything and if its not on display, a quiet word to Glut and anything can be sourced. Recently Glut has gotten into the the security buisness and has started hireing mercinarys to provide to bodyguard services to anyone who needs some muscle. A recent job has not gone to plan and Glut is not happy. His most trusted guard, Sam Hammerson, has deserted his post and equipment that Glut hired out has been abandoned. 

The Adventureres have been hired to retrive the equipment and Glut has given them a month before they forfeit the reward. After buying equipment the adventurers decide to go find Sam and try to “convince” him to show them the safe route through the Outer Hollows. 



The Glue Bucket

This highly toxic glue is contained within a bucket. It has been mixed with an assortment of substances and can cause serious damage if care is not taken. A faint green glow eminates from the semi viscous liquid.

Angler Fish Helm

These metal helms resemble resemble Angler Fish and grant the wearer water breathing. These helms were a gift to the party from the Squid king of Serendipity, King Marin, as a reward for saving the kingdom. 

Staff of Kindling

This magical staff allows the user to create a small bonfire in any condition. This staff was broken and then repaired by Mother Roe. When repairing it Mother Roe bestowed some extra power as a thank you for showing kindness to her son, A zombie called Seve. This now allows for the casting of Fireball, Firewall and a few other tricks that have not been discovered yet.

Creatures & NPCs


Discoverd in the wizard lab, this small white fluffy bunny has attached itself to the party. A creation of the wizard Altrex, this bunny is more than meets the eye. 



Hollows (1)


Breaking News!

Adventures release Dragon! Destroying the kingdom they just saved.